Norovirus is circulating in the local community!

If you have symptoms of Norovirus (diarrhoea and/or vomiting) you are urged not to attend walk-in centre, your GP or the hospital, but to remain at home until you have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please call NHS 111 if you need assistance.

  • NHS Number
Your NHS number

Your NHS Number

What is the NHS Number?


Everyone registered with the NHS in England and Wales has their own unique NHS Number. Your NHS Number is printed on your medical card given to you when you register with a GP Practice and should be included with any written documentation you receive from the NHS. Your number helps healthcare staff to find your health records. Each NHS Number is made up of 10 digits, shown like this: 123-456-7890 (please note: this is an example number).


If you have an old medical card, it will have an old style NHS number made up of both letters and numbers. This has now been replaced for all patients by a new NHS number made up entirely of numbers. Having the old-style NHS Number will not affect your care.


Do I need my NHS Number to get care?


No, it is not essential to know your NHS Number, but it can sometimes be helpful if you are able to give it to NHS staff who need to find your health records.


How do I find my NHS Number?


If you are registered with a GP practice, you will already have an NHS Number. You should be able to find your NHS Number on any letter or document you have received from the NHS, including prescriptions, test results, and hospital referral or appointment letters. If you have a medical card, your NHS number should be printed on it.



If you have never registered with a GP practice, you will not have an NHS Number. When you register with a local GP practice, you will be given an NHS Number as part of registration. You can either go to a GP practice yourself to register or ask your local PCT to put you on the list of a local GP practice.


Why is the NHS Number important to me?


Your NHS Number is unique to you. Using your NHS Number to identify you correctly is an important step towards improving the safety of your healthcare.


If you know your NHS Number, you can help healthcare staff find your records more easily and share them safely with others who are caring for you.


As a safety measure, please check any correspondence you receive from the NHS to make sure services are using the right number for you.


Does my newborn baby have a number?


Babies born in hospital in England and Wales are given an NHS Number soon after birth. If your baby was born at home, you will receive an NHS Number when you register your baby's birth.


I am a tourist visiting England - do I have a number?


If you are a visitor to the country, you will currently not be given an NHS Number.

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