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Wheelchair Service


The Wheelchair Service assesses and supplies standard and bespoke wheelchairs, special seating and pressure distribution cushions for adults and children with long-term mobility problems.


Wheelchair and buggy provision is determined following assessment and dependent
on clinical need and in relation to the equipment supply criteria.


We provide:


  • ongoing review and assessment of mobility needs for both powered and non-powered wheelchairs
  • wheelchair and pressure distribution cushions and postural seating systems to use in wheelchairs (based on clinical need)
  • pressure mapping assessments for identified wheelchair users and advice on pressure care
  • a repair and maintenance service for people with our equipment


We are unable to provide wheelchairs for short-term use; however we can offer advice to users regarding temporary loan.


We do not supply scooters, or supply powered wheelchairs solely for outdoor use.


You may be interested to know that we have a small range of wheelchair and buggy accessories available to buy at each location (items which are not funded by the NHS).


Wheelchair Services Leaflet- Information about the Service.







You will need to be initially referred by your GP or healthcare professional.


Wheelchair Services referral form (Wirral)

West Cheshire Wheelchair Service referral form 


Once your referral has been received we will contact you to arrange an appointment for an assessment of your wheelchair and seating needs.


If you are already known to the wheelchair service, you can refer yourself back to the service as/ when required. You can do this by telephone, or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.


Please note that we have a waiting list for both assessment and review appointments.


Wheelchair Services Leaflet- Information about Appointments

Personal Wheelchair Budget



If you are eligible to receive a wheelchair from the NHS, you will have a personal wheelchair budget (PWB)


What is a personal wheelchair budget (PWB)?

  • It is for anyone who is eligible for an NHS wheelchair
  • It is a ‘virtual’ amount of money allocated to meet your assessed needs
  • It gives you more choice about your wheelchair
  • It is based on how much it costs the NHS to provide you with a wheelchair to meet your clinical needs


How does it work?

 You can choose to use your personal wheelchair budget (PWB) in 3 different ways:

  1. Notional budget - Accept the NHS wheelchair prescribed for you, this is at no cost to you
  2. Notional budget with contribution - Pay a ‘top up’ price to receive an upgrade, or add extra features to the NHS wheelchair prescribed
  3. Third party budget - Access a wheelchair from an independent supplier outside of the NHS. The budget is paid to the supplier and you pay any additional costs


How do I get a personal wheelchair budget (PWB)?

At your assessment, if you are eligible for a NHS wheelchair, we will develop a personal support plan with you and assist you in deciding how you want to use personal wheelchair budget. This is a ‘virtual’ amount of money allocated to meet your assessed needs. It is designed to give you more choice over your wheelchair, one which meets your assessed needs and any specific requirements you identify as being important to you.


Patient Information Leaflet Download here Updated October 2017
Supplier list Download here Updated October 2017




User Information

User information

Repair, Safety and Service of your NHS Wheelchair


The wheelchair and its accessories belong to the wheelchair service and are loaned to you on the conditions of loan provided to you at handover. Please take care of your wheelchair, as you may be liable for any costs involved due to misuse, neglect or loss.


The authorised repairer contracted to repair and maintain your NHS wheelchair is Ross Care, and you should contact them directly regarding any repairs required:


  • Ross Care, 9-13 Westfield Road, Wallasey, CG44 7HX. Tel: 0151 653 6000.


Please be aware that Ross Care is unable to carry out roadside repairs or recovery in the event of breakdown.


If you wheelchair or cushion no longer meets you needs 


If your wheelchair, or cushion, no longer meets your needs, or if you are concerned about your pressure areas, please contact the wheelchair service directly to arrange a review:


  • Wirral Wheelchair Service, Birkenhead. Tel: 0151 604 7261

  • West Cheshire Wheelchair Service, Ellesmere Port. Tel: 0151 357 1070


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions and other information provided at handover regarding the repair, safety and service of your wheelchair.


Conditions of Loan


Conditions of Loan - Occupant Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Powerchairs
Conditions of Loan - Attendant Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Powerchairs
Conditions of Loan - Indoor Powerchairs
Conditions of Loan - Manual Wheelchairs and Buggies



User group

User Group

We are a group that meet regularly and actively contribute to how the service is developed and delivered.


All users are invited to attend the user group meetings; these are held every 3 months.


Please contact the wheelchair service to register your interest.


Wheelchair Service User Group Terms of Reference






Our Centres


Wirral Wheelchair Service
Lower Ground Floor
St Catherine's Health Centre
Derby Road
CH42 7HA

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tel: 0151 604 7261*
Fax: 0151 652 6799

*outside of business hours you are able to leave a message on our answering machine which is checked every morning.

West Cheshire Wheelchair Service
Poole Centre
New Grosvenor Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 2HB

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tel: 0151 514 6454*
Fax: 0151 356 2984

*outside of business hours you are able to leave a message on our answering machine which is checked every morning.


Hours of Operation: 


Wirral Wheelchair Service

Monday– Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

West CheshireWheelchair Service

Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Out of Hours

Ross Care Services provide emergency repairs and maintenance support for users of the service seven days a week (including bank holidays), 8:00am – 11:00pm. Tel: 0800 834 829






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  • "Very happy put at ease and made to feel very comfortable . Thank you."
  • "The wheelchair will help greatly to my quality of life thank you."
  • "Nice staff really relaxed and very good service."

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