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Ophthalmology Service



Our consultant-led Community Eye Clinic provides highly specialised out-of-hospital care for patients with complex eye problems to registered Wirral patients.

You can be referred to our service via:


  • your GP or Practice Nurse
  • a Community Optometrist or optician
  • one of our Walk-in Centres

Following referral, we will contact you within 48 hours to offer you an appointment, usually within two weeks.

Eye conditions

The Community Eye Clinic can treat many conditions, including:


  • glaucoma, diagnosis and follow up/management
  • gradual onset ptosis (drooping eyelid)
  • blocked punctum (tear duct)
  • hypertensive haemorrhage 
  • iridocyclitis 
  • iritis (inflammation of the iris)
  • loss of vision
  • mild atopic keratoconjunctivitis
  • naevi
  • non-active retinal abnormalities
  • ocular pain
  • ocular rosacea
  • periorbital cysts, skin tags
  • persistent blepharitis
  • recurrent chalazion
  • recent onset diplopia
  • recurrent episcleritis
  • scleritis
  • sub-conjunctival haemorrhage
  • suspicious lumps and bumps
  • uveitis
  • venous occlusion

If you have an urgent eye condition or trauma, you should attend a Walk-in Centre, minor injuries unit or the emergency department.

Refer to us


This service is open to people over 16 years of age with a complex eye condition.

You can be referred to the ophthalmology service by an optometrist, optician, GP or practice nurse.


For healthcare professional use only


If you are referring a patient to the service please use the GOS18 referral form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please ensure this is sent securely) or Safehaven fax: 0151 201 4187.

Referrals can be made seven days a week.


Community Eye Clinic

St Catherine's Health Centre
Derby Rd
CH42 0LQ

(Saturdays 9.00am-5.00pm)
Heswall Community Clinic
270 Telegraph Rd
CH60 7SG

(Monday - Friday 9.00am-5.00pm)


Tel: 0151 514 2222
Please note: Free parking at St Catherine's Health Centre. There is limited free onsite car parking at Heswall Clinic.

Both clinics are wheelchair accessible.






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