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Wirral Community NHS Trust celebrate International Wheelchair Day 1 March

NHS celebrate International Wheelchair Day

Are you or do you care for a wheelchair user? To celebrate International Wheelchair Day, Wirral Community NHS Trust is re-launching its User Group.

We are looking for wheelchair service users or carers/parents who have an interest in the development of the local NHS wheelchair service. Whatever your age, this is an opportunity to help shape the wheelchair service of the future.

Our User Group allows people of all ages to be involved and provides their voice in the development of their local NHS wheelchair service.

Service Lead, Amanda Ball said: "Our User Group is made up of people who use wheelchairs, and their carers, it allows them to meet with clinicians, technicians and managers to review and improve our service. They provide us with the insights of wheelchair use and give us first-hand experience on the quality of services delivered and allows them to suggest ways it could be improved. They are invaluable to our service.

"With 10,000 users living in Wirral and West Cheshire, our services, which operate from Hind Street, Birkenhead, and the Poole Centre, Ellesmere Port, really benefit from the groups involvement. I look forward to getting more people involved".

The aim of the service is to enable adults and children to maintain their optimum mobility through therapy led assessment and provision of bespoke wheelchairs and associated equipment.

International Wheelchair Day, Saturday 1 March, is a day to recognise the great work of millions of people who provide wheelchairs, support and care and who make the world a better more accessible place.

If you are a wheelchair service user of an age/ carer or parent and have an interest in the wheelchair provided by the service, and would like to join our user group, get involved or simply want more information, please call 0151 604 7261.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 02 November 2016 15:22

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