Norovirus is circulating in the local community!

If you have symptoms of Norovirus (diarrhoea and/or vomiting) you are urged not to attend walk-in centre, your GP or the hospital, but to remain at home until you have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please call NHS 111 if you need assistance.

The Berwick Report is published

The Berwick Report is published

The Berwick Report, released this week, has found that the NHS needs to operate in an open, transparent way with a commitment to continual learning.


The Report by Professor Don Berwick, a renowned international expert in patient safety. follows up the findings of the Francis Report, which detailed a widespread lack of care in the Mid Staffordshire Hospital.


Jane Cummings, Chief of Nursing has praised Lord Professor Berwick's Report. 'He has highlighted many of the key areas that the NHS is actively addressing to give our patients quality care every time and support our staff to work with the right conditions for success'.


NHS England has welcomed the Berwick Report which has been published today, and has pledged further action to help make the NHS 'the safest healthcare in the system in the world'.


NHS England Director of Patient Safety Dr. Mike Durkin said, 'At NHS England, we are working with leading clinicians right across the NHS to assess and understand what can go wrong in healthcare using analysis of hard and soft data and then develop new ways of working to make their patients safer'.


NHS England's full response can be found here and letters from Professor Berwick to senior government officials, senior executives in the NHS, clinicians, managers, NHS staff and the people of England here.

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