Norovirus is circulating in the local community!

If you have symptoms of Norovirus (diarrhoea and/or vomiting) you are urged not to attend walk-in centre, your GP or the hospital, but to remain at home until you have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please call NHS 111 if you need assistance.

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Innovative App to Support Breastfeeding Mothers

Innovative App to Support Breastfeeding Mothers

Wirral Community NHS Trust has developed an innovative smartphone App to help support breastfeeding mothers.


The Infant Feeding team developed The Breast Start App to address the complex issue of providing timely support to new mothers. It is aimed specifically at mothers who may prefer to access an on-line app for help rather than calling their Health Visitor, GP, or attend a baby clinic or breastfeeding group.  


‘Breast Start’ offers mothers a 24 hour private resource for breastfeeding help and advice and will be particularly useful for those without access to the internet or those hesitant to talk on the phone for fear of having their issue documented.


Working with a software company NTTX, the App has been designed to be really easy to use and have a two clicks’ solution to any problem with information specially tailored for an App. 


Clare Whitehead, Infant Feeding Lead at Wirral Community NHS Trust said “The design has been carefully developed to link into the ‘Breast Milk it’s Amazing’ social marketing campaign, as well as to be visually appealing and useable even at 2am! “


The App provides support around:  how to feed, expressing, the benefits to mother and baby, information about local breastfeeding groups, as well as local shops/restaurants that support breastfeeding. It also explains how mothers can get rewards for continuing breastfeeding through the ‘Breastfeeding Incentive Scheme’ (the scheme offers gift vouchers provided by local businesses to reward women for the efforts they are making).


Importantly, the Breast Start App is FREE and has been developed to be available on iPhones as well as Android phones.  The App is aimed at supporting all breastfeeding mothers, particularly those that are having difficulty or are contemplating stopping breastfeeding. 


The Breast Start App will be available to download for free on i-phones in the next couple of weeks and android phones later in the month.


Check out for when they are available!


Clare Whitehead commented, “The feedback from mothers and health professionals has been extremely positive, generating much enthusiasm and anticipation for its launch.”

Last Updated: Thursday, 03 November 2016 11:46

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