Norovirus is circulating in the local community!

If you have symptoms of Norovirus (diarrhoea and/or vomiting) you are urged not to attend walk-in centre, your GP or the hospital, but to remain at home until you have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. Please call NHS 111 if you need assistance.

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Health Matters: Growing a moustache for Movember?

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Movember is back again this year and men across the world will be growing moustaches to help raise awareness of men's health issues.

Men can be reluctant to take action with their health, and the Movember campaign aims to change this, and highlight the risks to men's health.

There's lots you can do to reduce the risk of common health problems. Whether you're wanting to quit smoking, lose weight, get more active, de-stress, talk to someone about your sexual healh or simply feel better in yourself  Wirral Community NHS Trust offers Health Trainer services that can help you live well. 

By improving your general health you can reduce the risk of more serious illness. However, if you are concerned about a specific health matter talk to your GP straight away. For many diseases early detection is vital. You know your body better than anyone, so if you feel something is not right, don't wait. Other symptoms you should never ignore include:

  • a lump on your testicle
  • unusual changes to moles
  • depression 
  • trouble urinating
  • impotence
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Your lifestyle dramatically influences your health and we know that making changes can seem like a real challenge but with friendly, non-judgemental and convenient support you'll find it's a lot easier than you think. 

If you want to take action with your health visit or call 0151 630 8383 for more information.

Or check the Notice Board if you're looking to get involved with our FREE activities for men, including our Over 40s Football Fitness, and Tai Chi sessions.

Q and A

How can I get involved in Movember?

There are many ways to get involved. You can get your workplace involved, your local sports club community group or your friends.

For more information visit:

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