Fitness fun for Wirral’s children



Fitness fun for Wirral's children



Wirral Community NHS Trust celebrated children who had successfully completed a 10 week weight management course at Monkey Bizness in Bromborough and were rewarded with a game of Laser Quest!


All the children who completed the programme saw improvements with their BMI, waist measurement, aerobic recovery, flexibility and power.


Families learned and discussed: the importance of regular eating, reading labels, eating out, hidden fats and sugars and making smart goals. Partners from Sport development were invited to highlight the variety activity clubs offered in the borough.


Monkey Bizness gave a free laser quest session for families that completed the course and were presented certificates from Wirral Community NHS Trust Chief Executive, Simon Gilby and Divisional Lead for Lifestyle Services Neil Perris.


Senior Health Advisor Philip Rhodes who organised the programme said "We wanted to use Monkey Bizness to show how much fun can be had by being active: climbing, sliding and exploring. All the families were a pleasure to work with and the children are a credit to their family with all the effort they've made. We wish them the best of luck as they start their secondary schools in September".


As part of the course, the children had unlimited access to Monkey Bizness for the three month duration of the course. They also found out about the difference in calories from: takeaways, shop bought and homemade varieties, the importance of breakfast and what makes up an 'Eat Well' plate. This includes the five food groups:- starchy foods, fruit and veg, dairy, meat and fish and fats and sugars and how they help our body.


They also learned about labelling on food packaging which proved particularly useful and encouraged children to look at healthier options, and why we should only have some foods occasionally.


If you think your child would benefit, find out if you're eligible for the autumn course by contacting 0151 630 8383.



Tony Tasak, Neil Perris, Simon Gilby and Phil Rhodes from Wirral Community NHS Trust with the children who completed the course.


One of the children being presented with his certificate by Simon Gilby, Wirral CT Chief Executive.

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