Changes to Patient and Visitor car Park, St Catherine’s Health Centre

If you visit any health services at St Catherine’s Health Centre, please be aware we are introducing new parking arrangements as of Friday 1 March 2019. 


Getting to St Catherine’s Health Centre

There are several bus routes that stop right outside the Health Centre, and Green Lane train station is only a ten minute walk away. For patients and visitors who want to come by car, they will be able to park for free for a maximum of 3 hours from 1 March.


Why are we introducing a maximum stay?

We are implementing the new maximum 3 hour parking stay to ensure that space is always available for patients and visitors when they need it. It will help to improve parking and the upkeep of the area for patients and visitors, therefore enhancing the environment for the health centre and the local community.


How are we enforcing it?

An automatic number plate recognition scheme is being installed that scans your number plate as you enter the car park and again when you leave it, very similar to other car park schemes you will have used.


What happens if someone stays for longer than 3 hours?

Please be aware that staying for longer than 3 hours will result in a Penalty Charge Notice. However some exemptions will apply.


What if my appointment is going to take longer than 3 hours?

Occasionally we understand your appointment may take longer than 3 hours. In these cases, exemptions may apply.  Please speak to the reception staff before you leave the Health Centre. They will be able to assist you. 


Please note - the NHS will not receive any money from the new system.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 March 2019 17:06

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