**Visit a Walk-in Centre for your minor injury or illness**

If you have a minor injury or illness, you can be seen quicker at a Walk-in Centre than at A&E.

Walk-in Centres provide assessment, treatment and advice for minor injuries and illnesses including: infections and rashes, bruises, burns and strains, coughs, colds and flu, earache,
minor cuts and wounds, stomach ache, indigestion, constipation, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you have a muscle / joint injury, need stitches or an X-ray, visit Victoria Central Walk-in Centre and the Minor Injuries Unit.




  • Breastfeeding



Baby Welcome Scheme - Breastfeeding Friendly Reward Card

Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby. It's free, available whenever and wherever your baby needs a feed, and there are lots of health benefits for both you and your baby.


To encourage more mums to breastfeed our Infant Feeding Team has worked with community based businesses across Wirral to launch a Breastfeeding Friendly Reward Card Initiative. This community focussed initiative brings communities together, supports breastfeeding in public places and helps mums to feel more comfortable feeding their babies when they out and about.


Businesses that are signed up to the Scheme actively welcome mums to breastfeed their baby in any public area of their venue, as well as offering a number of discounts and special offers for mum and her family (terms and conditions apply).


Mums, who become members of the Scheme, will receive a Breastfeeding Friendly Reward Card from their health visitor to use in participating businesses.


For more information about breastfeeding download our free Breast Start App or to find out how to sign up / get involved in the Scheme call the team on 0151 514 2354.



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Wirral Community NHS Trust is a UNICEF UK Baby Friendly accredited organisation.•

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